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Dinner, dessert and a couple of perfect Valentine's pairs

Dinner, dessert and a couple of perfect pairs

With Valentine’s Day inching closer, we’ve decided to skip the restaurant reservations this year and tie on the apron. Here we share our ‘perfect pairs’; the perfect food and wine pairing for your perfect pair to enjoy as well.

Dinner: Chilli salmon noodle salad and 2019 Old Station Riesling

You may be surprised to find different aromas to what you’d expect of a Riesling when cracking open a bottle of Old Station. Made in an old world style, a portion of this wine undergoes oak fermentation with wild yeast creating a more textural and distinct wine with notes of pear and spice. While the typical Australian Riesling is bone dry with citrus and floral notes, we deliberately arrest the fermentation while there is still some sugar present. This residual sugar gives the Old Station Riesling its versatility, making it the perfect wine to balance a spicy seafood dish such as a cool Chilli Salmon Noodle Salad.

Dessert: Citrus Tart with Fresh Berries and 2020 Old Station Rosé

While a lot of Rosé is made from the saignée (French, meaning ‘to bleed’) that runs off from table wine production, we cultivate ours from blocks chosen specifically to make Rosé. The grapes that grow on these blocks are picked when they reach the perfect ripeness for Rosé and are pressed straight away at our Coonawarra winery, much the same as the production of white wines. The limited skin contact gives the Old Station Rosé its lighter colour. The result is a beautiful palate of fresh red fruits such as cherry and strawberry, with a hint of citrus. Keep things light and refreshing, and pair the Old Station Rosé with a Citrus tart and fresh berries for dessert.

You can get Brand’s Laira 2019 Old Station Riesling and 2020 Old Station Rosé wines delivered straight from our Coonawarra cellar door at www.casellacellar.com. Purchase them together in the Perfect Pair pack or separately in a six pack. We hope you enjoy exploring our Coonawarra wines this Valentine’s Day.