Vintage Wrap Up 2021 - Brand's Laira

Vintage Wrap Up 2021

Over the last few months, it’s been bustling in Coonawarra - trucks coming and going, delivering tonnes of rich Coonawarra grapes. Our winemakers have been working tirelessly along with the help of our entire Brand’s Laira vintage staff to ensure a safe, happy and abundant harvest season. And as quick as it seemed to arrive, it reached completion. Read the full report from our winemakers below.

Vintage 2021 saw some of the highest tonnages on our Coonawarra vineyards in many years; but quantity doesn’t mean we didn’t get quality!

Our first day of fruit intake was the 4th March, starting on Chardonnay, then working through some Rosé and other white varieties.  Intake for Coonawarra reds began on the 24th March, just after completing intake of white varieties.  The weather was kind to us, with relatively mild weather, along with very little rain and cooler nights (especially in April) which meant the grapes had plenty of time to ripen and reach full maturity without high Baumés, and maintaining good natural acidity.

The extended ripening period also gave us the opportunity to harvest parcels at their optimum ripeness, and to develop wonderful intense varietal characters.

Vintage 2021 is looking to be a standout vintage – vibrant colours and rich intense character-filled wines.  Although all varieties this year are looking excellent, the Cabernet Sauvignon is likely to be our shining star this vintage. Typical of the Coonawarra wine region.

If you are visiting the Coonawarra wine region, drop in and say hello and enjoy some Coonawarra wines with us.