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Helping to reduce the risk of Phylloxera

31st October 2019 | Written by admin

#marketing #white wine #wine of the month

South Australia has some of the oldest commercial grapevines in the world and this is largely due to the fact the state has never had an outbreak of Phylloxera.

Phylloxera [fihl-LOX-er-uh] is a tiny insect that attacks the roots of grapevines. Phylloxera sucks the nutrients from the roots and slowly starves the vine, creating a dramatic decrease in fruit.
The phylloxera insect is a significant threat to the health of vineyards across Australia. It does not affect the taste of the resulting wine however eventually replanting is required.

The small insects can also survive and travel in tiny particles of soil on vehicles, tyres, equipment, clothing and shoes.

South Australia, including Coonawarra, is a declared Phylloxera-free state – and we’d like to keep it that way!
Like other Cellar Doors in the region, visitors to Brand’s Laira are asked to observe signs at all times. If you are on a designated walking trail, keep to the track and do not walk or drive further than the trail indicates.

Additionally, if you have been in or near vineyards interstate, please ensure your shoes have been cleaned.

For more information and resources about Phylloxera, visit Vinehealth Australia website.

Thank you for your co-operation and we hope to see you at the Brand’s Laira Cellar Door soon!

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