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December 7, 2018 | The Editor

A Coonawarra Christmas.

If you’re entertaining family and friends this Christmas and looking for some inspiration, here is what the Brand’s Laira team will be enjoying around the festive table.

“I am really looking forward to relaxing and spending quality time with my family this Christmas – it’s been a busy year! Our Christmas feast will include a large leg of ham and crème brûlée, all paired with crisp and refreshing Brand’s Laira Old Station Rosé – my favourite drop at this time of the year!!” – Isabelle Robinson, Cellar Door.

“Definitely planning on starting the day opening presents with a glass of Brand’s Laira Old Station Riesling in hand! While I am missing a white Christmas in Maryland with my family this year, I am going to hop in the kitchen to prepare an extra-large turkey for everyone to enjoy at my in-laws. I am pairing the turkey will some of our 1968 Cabernet Sauvignon, the rich deep fruit flavours are a great match for this versatile meat” – Kevin Haggerty, Cellar.

 “A quiet Christmas is on the cards this year - just family and the beach in Kingston! We will relax with a BBQ lunch of prawns and scallops, followed by baked ham and salads - complete with a rocky road ice cream cake. Our Brand’s Laira Blockers range will definitely be our drops of choice (all three: Chardonnay, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon) and we might even sneak in a bottle of Stentiford’s Shiraz!” – Mel Northam, Cellar Door.

Time Posted: Dec 7, 2018 at 1:34 PM

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