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Discover Coonawarra

In 2022, we can truly enjoy travel experiences again. Australia offers so many unique places to explore and if you’re keen to discover somewhere new, we highly recommend getting off the beaten track and visiting South Australia’s hidden gem, the Coonawarra. Halfway between the bustling cities of Melbourne and Adelaide, this renowned wine region is home to Brand’s Laira, an iconic winery steeped in heritage with a unique story and proud owner of some of the region’s oldest vineyards, dating back to 1893.

Take your time to explore the Coonawarra wine trail and read on for some tips on how to get the most out of your trip.


South Australia has much to offer when exploring wine and food experiences, and the Coonawarra is no different. The famed one-of-a-kind strip of red earth is home to more than 25 cellar doors showcasing award-winning wines and delicious local produce. From casual platters to fine dining, there is something for everyone.

At Brand’s Laira,  we have recently renovated our historic cellar door, creating a beautiful modern space centered on the original stone building of Eric Brand’s Cellar. Architecturally designed to respect the winery’s historical foundations, the cellar door is a tailormade space for exploring our wine portfolio. Let the knowledgeable Cellar Door team take you on a journey through time; explore the fascinating history of the Brand’s Laira winery while enjoying our most celebrated wines through a guided tasting.

Feeling peckish? The Cellar Door offers a seasonal food menu, with various food options to enjoy in the beautiful winery surroundings. The new pizza oven makes for a yummy lunch, and we have plenty of wines made for pairing with your fave toppings.

Take a virtual tour of the beautiful winery here (embed video).


The unique cigar-shaped strip of rich terra rossa soil that defines the region is a one-of-a-kind narrow ridge of earth, just 27 kilometres long and two clicks wide. A geographical wonder, the Coonawarra landscape was forged over a million years, the result of Mother Nature weaving her stunning magic. Beginning under the waters of the Great Southern Ocean, today’s famous terra rossa soil, the essence of this winemaking region, is the slow and steady result of melting ice caps, seabeds forming into limestone, and winds blowing air-borne dust all settled above an ancient reservoir of pure water.

This unique geology, a Mediterranean-Esque climate of warm days and cool nights, plus a long and mild growing season is nature’s gift to winemakers. It gives Coonawarra wines their distinct, outstanding qualities quite unlike anywhere else in the world.


Coonawarra is as famous for its rich Terra Rossa soil as it is for its sumptuous red wines, in particular, Cabernet Sauvignon. What makes the regions’ wines extra special is that they taste exceptional while young, and have tremendous aging potential, meaning they cellar brilliantly. Whether you are looking for wine to enjoy now or one to put down for a special occasion, the

Brand’s Laira team will help you find the perfect wine.

The winemaking community is known for its vibrant spirit and passion, and here at Brand’s Laira, we can’t wait to share it with you.